FHIR Belgium Base IG
0.1.0 -

FHIR Belgium Base IG - Local Development build (v0.1.0). See the Directory of published versions

Use Cases

This is a list of use cases supported by this specification. These use cases will be further detailed.

Patient demographics

  • Patient Pia Peters’s record is created

  • Patient’s record is updated with name, address (in Brussels), the SSIN, nationality and birth place.


Allergies and intolerance reporting

  • Patient reports an allergy to seafood

  • To be more specific, GP checks what are the possible causative agentes grouped under Seafood

  • GP updates allergy info with "Shrimp"

  • GP updates the allergy reactions to "mild tingling in face" and "strong nausea"


Communication and Journaling

  • Nurse Nathalie sends a message to the team

  • Nurse sends messages in different languages

  • Caregiver replies to message

  • Nurse issues a note with attachments (e.g. a picture)

  • Physician forwards a message to another participant


Care Team definition

Patient Pia Peters sees the GP who wants to start a diabetes care plan

  • Physician starts a team for attending a patient, assigning only a nurse (by role, not a specific nurse)

  • A nurse is assigned to start the team and composes a proposed team for a care plan, including the GP, a specialist, the nurse, the care giver, the patient’s daughter and the Dienstencentrum that will provide assistance when needed.

  • After checking availabilities and any constraints, the team gets approved (status "active")